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July 2021

Simplifying every word and process for an easier data experience

July is off to a busy start, with new features already hitting the data platform. 

New updates and features include:

  • You can now click on the Current Market History record and a pop-up featuring that data, will appear
  • If neither Current Market Information or Property and Owners Information are highlighted, the search will default to both, instead of not allowing you to search
  • The more filters screen has been grouped and you can now open and close the groups to make it more compact
  • AVM, ABS, and CMI all have mouse over pop-ups to explain what they mean
  • Current Market History is now available for all search types
  • In the Current Market History table, you can now change the sorting of the records by clicking on the headings

All updates will be available to users from 14 July 2021. 

June 2021

User Experience update puts data at your fingertips

The development team has been hard at it in June, with a firm focus on always enhancing user experience and giving access to more useful tools. 

New updates and features include:

  • 3 new Property Information related reports 
  • 3 new Current Market Information reports
  • 1 Top 10 Automated Valuation Model Report (for the Property Page)
  • Floating pagination in Grid View so you always know what page you’re on
  • Floating page navigation on the Property Page
  • CMI History Table on Property Page can be sorted using headings
  • Arrow keys or clicking on dots can be used to move through property images
  • ‘More Filters’ now indicates the number of filters used
  • You can open the property page in a new tab and it keeps all the search information
  • Removing all marked properties from a page now resets the view to show properties
  • You can update beds, bath, parking, and area in Property Information

New enhancements released: search for and find the right properties easier

National Property Data has released its latest platform updates, with a focus on responding to user feedback and ideas, to enhance our data service and the experience of our users.

Updates and new features include:

  • Our feedback button is now on every page so users can provide insights into their experience and ideas for how we can continue to improve it
  • Filter options have been added to saved searches
  • Users can now benefit from updated navigation, with arrows that make getting to the right property easier than ever
  • ‘Export CSV’ has been updated to work with marked properties
  • ‘Edit columns’ on list view has been expanded to include more fields
  • The infinity bug has been fixed
  • List view now has fixed width and height

All updates will be available to users from 9 June 2021.

May 2021

NPData Release 1: new search delivers data faster

National Property Data has launched Release 1 of its property data platform to NSW property professionals. The platform draws on 40 years of data, 4 million property records, 40 million images and is updated daily (owned data) and weekly (third party data). 

Features include:

  • Automated and customisable, branded CMA builder
  • Automated and customisable Valuations Machine
  • Integrated, industry-leading property Mapping platform
  • Unique singular search – Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Advanced options search – Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Saved Search – Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Recent Search – Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Search Results – List, Grid and Property View: Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Export to CSV and send to client